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Review Date: January 29, 2011
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WordPress Crash Course Review

There are over 25 million websites powered by WordPress.  With thousands upon thousands of themes, plugins, and code libraries available,  WordPress is limited only by your imagination.  But learning WordPress, like any new technology, can be a daunting task. Let’s get something straight right now.  To learn WordPress you do NOT need to buy any video courses, books, or training systems.  You do NOT need to enroll in a course at a university or college.  Fact is, you do NOT need to spend one penny on training!   Everything is available for FREE at in the online documentation and online forums.

The problem is you pretty much have to be a programmer to wade through the mounds of information and figure out what you need to know and what you don’t need to know. is an incredible resource once you have your feet wet and have the basics well under control.

My Story: As a programmer with 23 years experience, I’m constantly having to learn new technologies and new programming languages.  My typical approach is to buy five to ten books and take online courses with AppDev (great resource if you’re a programmer – but expensive!).  Then I chain myself to my computer for the next three months.

Last year, I began looking at “content management systems” as an alternative to developing corporate websites using the Microsoft .NET platform.  Let’s face it, not all companies need interfaces to their internal order entry and accounting systems.  After months of evaluation, WordPress came out a clear winner – and it’s FREE!

So again I ordered some books from Amazon and prepared for yet another marathon.  Then I stumbled upon WordPress Crash Course by Crash Course Training.  For the price of a book, I ordered the course; but I really didn’t expect much.

Well here we are with Target Reviews, built entirely on WordPress with only the knowledge I gained from WordPress Crash Course.  The books are still sitting on my desk unopened.  Of course, as my needs expand, the books will help me explore advanced topics, as will  But everything you see in Target Reviews is a direct result of WordPress Crash Course.

Now did I learn everything in 2 hours – of course not!  I watched many of the videos three and four times until I gained a full understanding and appreciation of the topics; go slow and do it right is my motto.  But learning WordPress using WordPress Crash Course was about as painless as it could be.

Guarantee: WordPress Crash Course is promoted via Clickbank and carries a 30 day money back guarantee.

Let’s see how WordPress Crash Course got me started fast!  You can select the next page in the review either by clicking “Next” button, the links at the bottom of each page, or via the menu bar at the top of the page.

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